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This Is Craftsmanship

Humans Meet Blades

Long ago in ancient times, humans stopped roaming and settled down with little knowledge. We didn't have long fangs and strong claws like other savage animals. But we had brains and began to think. As time went on, blades and others tools were found to hold the key to finer life. Without them, there was starvation and death.

Knives In The Early Days

Knives in the early days didn't have any decorations. They were tools of beauty, born for simple and practical uses. Knives were made for durability and people carefully maintained knives for a long life. There were very few foolish people who let rust or other problems spoil their precious tools. In those times, neglecting to maintain tools was to repay kindness with ingratitude.

After The Industrial Revolution

Later, following the industrial revolution, new manufacturing methods and new materials were developed and people could get knives and tools at very low prices during the twentieth century. That lead to a new kind of thinking in general: if you can buy newly stamped, cheap products every year, why would you buy much more expensive hand-forged knives? But the answer is simple. The edges of machine stamped knives easily wear down and the handles crack or break. So in actuality the user's troubles are unending because of poor-quality. Today, people are looking for really valuable tools to assist them in their doings and there is a revival in the appreciation of hand-made goods.

The differences between handmade and machine-made knives are many

Put very simply, our hands always connect directly to our hearts. The outcome of handmade goods are thoughtful and skillful. For example think about the old man next door or down the street. His handmade, hand woven bamboo baskets are full of sensitivities. The baskets carefully are chamfered by his hand and don't have splinters or projections. If he makes unskilled baskets which have splinters and projections, he will be injured by them during his work. Because he makes the baskets with his bare hands.

Prime tools should be your faithful friends

When you grasp the handle of a knife, it should smoothly fits to your hand. So knives must be made with regard their functionality and the importance of people.