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Natural water stones from Kyoto 4

Maruo Shiro suita stones!

water stones

Shiro Suita from Maruo-Yama is great stone as finishing stone having aggressive power. You can get beautiful foggy Hamon at Jigane and slight foggy at Hagane surface. You can get great sharpness, miracle edge retention and rust resistance too. It is good to sharpen both carbon steel knives and stainless steel knives. Sharp knives give good taste to your foods.

Shiki uchigumori from Maruo is also great. Both layers between Shirosuita to Shiki uchigumori are very cloth. You can think their rerationship is brother or sister. Shiki uchigumori give you more beautiful foggy Jigane. This stone is more useful.

#1 Shirosuita, Ipponsen. In Maruo-yama, Kameoka, Kyoto.
Size 15 x 88 x 169mm. Weight 560g. Finest finishing stone, 3.171μm. Hardness: HS53.
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Price: JPY45,000 SOLD OUT
#2 Shirosuita, Sunashi, Ipponsen. In Maruo-yama, Kameoka Kyoto.
Size 44 x 82 x 218mm. Weight 1,920g. Finest finishing stone, 3.551μm. Hardness: 53HSD.
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Price: JPY120,000 In stock
#3 Aisa, Namazu, Akarenge, Ipponsen. In Maruo-yama, Kameoka, Kyoto.
Size 29 x 64 x 180mm. Weight 825g. Finest finishing stone, 3.311μm. Hardness: 44HSD.
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Price: JPY54,000 SOLD OUT
#4 Shirosuita, Suminagashi, Ipponsen. In Maruo-yama, Kameoka, Kyoto.
Size 29 x 64 x 186mm. Weight 825g. Finest finishing stone. Hardness: 45HSD.
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Price: JPY42,000 SOLD OUT
#5 Aosuita, Namazu, Akarenge, Ipponsen. In Maruo-yama, Kameoka, Kyoto.
Size 38 x 75 x 170mm. Weight 1,240g. Finest finishing stone. Hardness: 50HSD.
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Price: JPY64,000 In stock

Natural stones give some miracle results for blades comparing artificial stones. Sharpness, edge retention, rust resistance and beautiful Hamon. Also the tastes of the cut food are changed. We had some tests with a science company.
Here is the cucumber test. Photo1 , Photo2