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Stone holder of 18 - 8 stainless steel

Very tough strong and useful!

Stone holder

The stone holder is made of 18 chromium and 8 nickel stainless steel and rubber. The round bar is bent of U-shaped. The one-piece molded main frame is very accurate and tough. The simple construction of bar is easy to maintain at daily sharpening works. The unique trapezoidal screws and nuts are very tough, smooth and easy to clean.

The rubber base is flexible to your stone and not slippery. The mid-base of rubber also prevent your stone against broken.

We include two of Watanabe original spacers. You can put from 140 to 225mm long of stones on the holder.

If you want more spacers for your shorter stones, we can supply them. The optional cost for 2 spacers is JPY1,500. Then you are able to hold from 100mm long stone.

If you want to hold much shorter stone, I will suggest something. ASK ME.

Stainless stone holder
18-8 stainless steel (SUS304). Weight 750g. Holds from 140 to 225mm long of stone
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Price: JPY5,500 In stock