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Shinkou-saku Japanese traditional snips by Ken Toyama

For sewing, general craft, household work and cutting herbs!

Nigiri basami

Nigiri-basami are Japanese style snips. Western style scissors are good for many general uses. On the other hand, nigiri-basami are superior for use with needle work. They do not have a hinge like western scissors and have open blades, so cutting a thread can be done simply in one move. This one motion makes it easier and quicker for professional and home sewing work. Their sharp edges are very suitable for detailed work.

This Shinkou-saku nigiri basami is all hand made. Ken Toyama is forge-welding laminated blades by hand hammer, beating the center from single billet to flat at right angles to be spring, hardening with his corks fireplace and shaping by hand Sen (Sen is a blade). He carefully sharpens the edge by grinder and then fold by his one of a kind tool bar and table.

Watanabe family is a blade smith tribe. Ken Toyama is our relationship. His father was my great grand father's apprentice. Then there were more than one hundred nigiri basami blade smiths in Sanjo. But Ken Toyama was the only person and retired in May, 2015. Then he was 73 years old. These snips are his final stock. You can use for cutting threads, cutting herbs or for Bonsai too. You should try one now, if you are interested. I promise you that these are the best quality snips having smooth motion and durable edge. It makes a great gift for a family member or special addition to a correction. They have an amazingly reasonable prices for such a master piece.

arrow Morimachi Nigiri basami
Blade: 33mm, Total length: 105mm, Price: JPY9,000 In stock
arrow Nigiri basami for Shisyu (For needlework or embroidery)
Slim Blade: 29mm, Total length: 136mm, Price: JPY8,000 In stock
Regular Blade: 29mm, Total length: 136mm, Price: JPY10,000 In stock