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I always be developing new products. There are sometimes delamination and any faults to sell at regular price. However they are no problem to use. I will put them at very reasonable price. They are very unique knives having some new challenges.

#1 Sujihiki knife 250mm: small serrated test
Total length 385mm, blade 250mm, width 45mm, thickness 2.1mm, double bevel, material stamped SK-5.
phenolic-impregnated wood handle.
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Price: JPY17,000 In stock
#2 Kurouchi Kensaki petite knife 95mm: Tamahagane.
Total length 210mm, blade 95mm, width 33mm, thickness 3.2mm, double bevel, material iron clad Tamahagane.
D-shaped burnt chestnut wood handle with horn hilt.
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Price: JPY20,000 SOLD OUT