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Kurouchi Sujihiki knives by Shinichi Watanabe

Hammer forged surface!

Kurouchi knives

Here is Kurouchi sujihiki knives. They are utility knives. You can use them as chef's knife or petite knives. Enjoy!

#1 Kurouchi Sujihiki knife 180mm
Total length 320mm, blade 180mm, width 38mm, thickness 1.5 - 4.5mm, double bevel, stainless clad blue steel, D-shaped ebony wood handle with horn hilt.
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Price: JPY33,000 In stock
#2 Stainless Kintaroame Kensaki Sujihiki knife 210mm: Oval chestnut
Total length 350mm, blade 210mm, width 30mm, thickness 1.9 - 4.2mm, double bevel, Kintaro ame V2-GOLD stainless steel, Oval shaped chestnut wood handle with horn hilt.
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Price: JPY50,000 In stock