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Kurouchi Nakkiri knives 120mm and 150mm by Shinichi Watanabe

Japanese vegetable knives!

Kurouchi Nakiri knives

The nakkiri was originally a knife specialized for cutting vegetables, but now people use it as an all-purpose knife. It is good for paring and cutting. The unique rectangular shaped blade is suitable for cutting all the way to the cutting board without the need for a horizontal pull or push. These knives are also much thinner than other knives. This does not help with cutting small bones in fish or meat, but is useful for cutting vegetables. The cutting edge is angled from both sides, called ryōba in Japanese. This makes it easier to cut straight slices.

This 120mm: I often meet some old cute women at exhibition shows. They are usually about 150cm (about 5 ft) tall. I immediately recommend this pretty knife to them. The knife becomes a super utility knife in their kitchen. It will cut tomato, green pepper, cucumber, eggplant, spinach, daikon radish, and some other vegetables very easily.
This knife will solve your problem. This kitchen knife is practical for many uses. You will use it everyday, so you should have a good one. Good tools equal less stress and your cooking skill will be that much better!

This 150mm: It is good for about 160 cm (about 5.3 ft) tall people. If you are vegan, vegetarian, or love to eat vegetables, this knife is genius. Some famous vegetarianism chefs are using this 150mm nakkiri. I promise you need this for your kitchen life!

Kurouchi Nakkiri knife, 120mm blade,
Total length: 245mm, Width: 42mm, Thickness: taper spine 3.5 - 1.6mm, Price: JPY17,000 Out of stock
Kurouchi Nakkiri knife, 150mm blade,
Total length: 290mm, Width: 48mm, Thickness: taper spine 4.5 - 1.6mm, Price: JPY19,000 Out of stock
Double bevel, Blade: Yasuki blue steel core with stainless outer, Handle: D-shaped burnt chestnut wood with plastic hilt


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