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Name Blade size White steel
Price JPY
Blue steel
Price JPY
Mukimono knife 120mm 18,500 21,500
Mukimono knife 150mm 22,500 29,000
Mukimono knife 180mm 27,500 31,500
Hamokiri knife 270mm - 69,000
Hamokiri knife 300mm - 79,000
Honesuki knife 150mm 23,500 25,000
Garasuki knife 180mm 32,000 35,000
Garasuki knife 210mm 43,500 48,500
Garasuki knife 240mm 57,000 62,000
Mioroshi Deba knife 150mm 18,000 20,000
Mioroshi Deba knife 180mm 22,000 24,000
Mioroshi Deba knife 210mm 32,000 33,000
Mioroshi Deba knife 240mm 42,000 45,500
Mioroshi Deba knife 270mm 48,500 56,500
Mioroshi Deba knife 300mm 63,000 68,000
Deba knife 300mm 69,000 77,000
Kurouchi Ajikiri 105mm - 9,500
Kurouchi Ajikiri 120mm - 10,000
Kurouchi Sakekiri 210mm - 27,500
Kurouchi Sakekiri 240mm - 31,500
Kurouchi Sakekiri 270mm - 39,000
Kurouchi Sakekiri 300mm - 47,000
Kurouchi Sakekiri 330mm - 77,500
Kamagata Usuba knife 180mm 23,500 30,000
Kamagata Usuba knife 210mm 28,500 34,000
Kamagata Usuba knife 240mm 37,500 46,500
Unagisaki knife 180mm 26,500 27,000
Unagisaki knife 210mm 36,500 37,500
Unagisaki knife 240mm 52,500 56,500
Gyuto knife 330mm - 63,000
Gyuto knife 360mm - 78,000
Kurouchi Gyuto knife 210mm - 25,500
Kurouchi Gyuto knife 240mm - 31,000
Kurouchi Gyuto knife 270mm - 35,000
Kurouchi Gyuto knife 300mm - 43,000
Kiritsuke knife 210mm 32,000 36,500
Kiritsuke knife 240mm 43,000 46,500
Kiritsuke knife 270mm 51,500 56,500
Kiritsuke knife 300mm 59,000 63,000
Kiritsuke knife 330mm 68,500 70,000
Sashimi or Takohiki 390mm 82,500 97,000
Sashimi or Takohiki 420mm 98,000 107,000
Sashimi or Takohiki 450mm 120,000 129,000
Magurokiri knife 270mm 51,000 54,000
Magurokiri knife 300mm 58,500 63,000
Magurokiri knife 330mm 71,500 80,500
Magurokiri knife 360mm 89,000 98,000
Magurokiri knife 390mm 107,000 115,500
Magurokiri knife 420mm 115,500 124,500
Magurokiri knife 450mm 151,000 159,500

These prices are not retail. They are already discounted prices.
The other prices

The hardness HRC63-65
Not include Deba knife. Deba is a tough knife for chopping, so the hardness HRC63-64.
We can make most kinds of Japanese kitchen knives. It's more than 500 kinds!
Yanagiba (We also called Sashimi), Takobiki (also called Takohiki), Sakimaru takohiki, Huguhiki, Mioroshi deda (also called Funayuki deba), Ai deba, Unagisaki (for eel knife), Ikasaki, Makiri, Nakkiri, Santoku (also called Santuko, Banno, Bunka and Bunmei Boucho), Sakekiri, Kaisaki, Ajikiri, Hamokiri (also calld Honekiri Boucho), Usuba, Honesuki, Sobakiri, Gyutou (also calld chef knife), Garasuki, Sabasaki, Kaibou, Maguro kiri, Kaitai, Kakou deba, Tarasaki, Dakketsu, Sujihiki (also called Slicer and carving), Petite (also called Petty and fruit knife), Uusba (also called Azumagata Usuba and Kantogata) Kamagata Usuba, Kujira (also called Kansaigata Usuba), Kiritsuke, Mukimono, Chinese cleaver (also called Chuka boucho), Nata, Shotou, Kiridashi and the other knives. You can choose some kinds of steel.
You can send me your requirement, so that I can quote the price. However we don't make some western style knives.

Each knife comes with a standard ho wood handle. Kurouchi knives have the chestnut handles.
Kurouchi Gyuto has ho wood handle. Please e-mail me if you have any question.

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