Hi Shinichi!

I have now had my Kurouchi blue steel knives for 2 months (gyuto and petty). I have used one or both of them nearly every day for about 90% of my kitchen knife work since then. I recently gave each a light resharpening (just using 1200 and above stones and maintaining all the angles as you set them). After resharpening the gyuto I was able to cut a tomato horizontally without having to hold it in position, which I have never been able to do with a knife before. So not a sharpening expert yet, but perhaps the situation is not completely hopeless. I am very pleased with their performance and maintenance has not been an issue, despite me being new to non-stainless knives.

After further consideration I would like to get a deba. Again my goal is to be able to disjoint a chicken and also be able to cut through a chicken leg bone (don't plan to try to cut through cow ribs). Would you suggest that this is an appropriate choice? ...